Members of the GSSP recently participated in the Dance workshop. You can view the feedback for this session below.


Workshop Focus: To support teachers in enhancing the curriculum through a multi-sensory, socio-constructivist approach to learning through dance. 


Overall, how would you rate the workshop?

  • 100% - Excellent 

How well were the aims of the workshop covered?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

Would you recommend the workshop?

  • 100% - Yes

Future targets to deliver at this workshop:

  • 'Would be nice to see children being taught' - GSSP workshop attendee
  • 'A course specifically with the aim of encouraging and involving USK2 boys in dance' - GSSP workshop attendee
  • 'Would really like to see examples of how a sequence of work could be put together in terms of planning, time-scales, amount per lesson, L.O. etc...' - GSSP workshop attendee

Overall Comments from GSSP workshop attendees

‘Although I felt self-conscious to start, I really enjoyed putting myself in the child's position.  I work in EYFS and will definitely be able to adapt tis course for my children ’ – GSSP workshop attendee

'Really well explained... loved the curriculum links... It was really good instruction and I definitely felt confident that I could teach this to my colleagues as well as my class'  - GSSP workshop attendee

'Really good - lots of ideas, even break breaks in the classroom and how to get subject specific vocab involved in dance' - GSSP workshop attendee