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Young people and staff in Greenwich deserve the best access to PE and school sport competitions, training and enrichment.  The GSSP will deliver several opportunities aimed at improving health and wellbeing within our community.  All competitions are part of the 'School Games', and are free for Greenwich schools to enter.

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    Stay Healthy at Home

    Stay healthy at home is a webpage where you can find resources and materials to help you and your children stay fit and healthy at home. Here you will also find the different areas outlined below. Visit our 'Stay Healthy at Home' page using the Read More button below.

    Recommended Activity Websites
    Featured links to websites that children and schools can access to keep active

    Eat Fit
    Dietary advice / home cooking tips aimed at parents and children

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    To earn league points please enter any virtual competition.  These can be found in the 'Competitions & Events' area at the top of the home page.

    How does my school earn points?

    Each time your school competes in a virtual competition you will be awarded points which tally across each half-term within the academic year to formulate a league table.  The following points will be awarded:

    • 2 Points - Awarded to a school for each competition entered (complete the survey in the blue side bar to indicate which school and which competition you have entered).

    • 1 Bonus Point - For any teacher from your school who tweets a short video (less than 1 minute) or photo to @greenwichssp showing your school's effort in the challenge (max of 1 point per school, per competition regardless of number of tweets / photos)

    How does the half-termly league work?

    The league table is reset at the end of each half term so there are several chances to win one of the half-term leagues across the academic year!

    Are there any rewards?

    Any Greenwich school can entering any competition listed and all schools will receive a certificate for participation and a chance of winning sports goodies and GSSP memorabilia at the end of each half-term!

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    FAQs Document: COVID-19 and PESSPA in a School Setting

    Updated Feb 2021

    To help support the teaching workforce, afPE has collated some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) with their Health & Safety Team providing answers to these.

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Competitions & Events

    Joe Wicks Live Workout

    26 Feb 2021 | Complete this challenge and entry survey today!
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    Just Dance

    26 Feb 2021 | Complete competition and entry survey today!
    ViewBook Now

    LYG Fitness Challenge - Shoulder Tap Plank

    26 Feb 2021 | Deadline to complete entry survey - Friday 26th Feb 2021
    ViewBook Now
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What you Said

  • “Very enjoyable and lots to take back to school”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback
  • “I’m so happy because I finished the run ahead of lots of other people! I started the race slowly and tried to pace myself so I could run faster at the end. I am glad I got chosen to run and I think I could go even faster if I had another chance! Thank you to everyone that helped at the competition ”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Really clear and well structured training.”

    PE Lead - Charlton Manor Primary School
  • “I really enjoyed the competition and I think doing the daily mile at our school helped me”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Great to have a deeper understanding and ideas of how to develop KS1 sport”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback

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