GSSP Yr3 modelled gymnastics lesson workshop feedback

Members of the GSSP recently participated in the Year 3 Modelled Gymnastics Lesson workshop. You can view the feedback for this session below.

GSSP Year 3 Modelled Gymnastics Lesson Workshop Feedback

Workshop Focus: Attendees were able to view a modelled Y3 gymnastics lesson (lesson plan, guidance, Q &A’s provided).


Overall, how would you rate the workshop?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

How well were the aims of the workshop covered?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

Would you recommend the workshop?

  • 100% - Yes

Future targets to deliver at this workshop:

  • Same format but in different areas e.g. outdoor sports, athletics
  • KS1 / EYFS Gymnastics and Dance
  • Classroom Management in PE Lessons for KS1

Overall Comments from GSSP workshop attendees

‘Really helpful pack of resources’

‘Great for an NQT like myself to see some passion towards PE and the time taken to plan and teach it well’

 ‘Really useful info on how to build on skills and progressions’