GSSP Delivering Football in Schools Workshop feedback

Members of the GSSP recently participated in the Delivering Football in Schools workshop. You can view the feedback for this session below.

GSSP Delivering Football in Schools Workshop

Workshop Focus:  'The course provides a basic introduction to the skills required when planning to deliver a KS1 or KS2 Physical Education lessons through the subject content of football. The course will introduce learners to skills, drills and practices and the concepts of small-sided games that can be introduced into lessons and extra-curricular clubs.'


Overall, how would you rate the workshop?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

How well were the aims of the workshop covered?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

Would you recommend the workshop?

  • 100% - Yes

Future targets to deliver at this workshop:

  • Early years – Moving / handling (tailored around PE) – GSSP workshop attendee

Overall Comments from GSSP workshop attendees

‘Course was really well delivered, really professional and left me feeling a lot more confident than I was at the beginning’ 

‘A great course which we will be able to use during PE lessons and at after-school football.  We will also be looking to repeat some of this session during a staff meeting’