On Thursday 8th February 2018, a number of Greenwich primary schools participated in a Football Competition at Woolwich Polytechnic School. 

The competition was led by school sports leaders and PE teachers, with a special thanks to Jack Davies and Paul Walsh for helping coordinate the event!

What the participants had to say...

“Great event….. Really enjoyed how many games our children got to participate in” 
- PE Lead

 “All children have been so happy to be here and have loved the competition”
- Primary LSA

 “I have enjoyed playing football against girls in my year group”
- Year 6 Pupil

. . . 

This particular competition focused on the school games value of Teamwork, with each game also recognising respect through a Respect the Games award.

School value winners for Passion - Hawksmoor Primary School.

School value winners for Respect - Alderwood Primary School.

Congratulations to Hawksmoor primary school, the tournament winners!