GSSP Water Safety and Confidence Sessions

GSSP Water Safety and Confidence sessions are for current GSSP member schools and are bespoke to the needs of the children, with a variety of options to suit swimmers with less confidence in the water.  Pupil’s attending will participate in practical swimming lessons focussed on smaller class sizes and a dry swim session to learn more about water safety in a designated classroom environment.  These opportunities will be delivered by fully-qualified swim instructors.

Day:  Friday's (Please choose available slot on booking form below)

Venue:  Shooters Hill College Swimming Pool

Time slots:  PM: 1 - 2.30pm

Duration:  1 ½ hour session - 45 minutes (pool) and 30 minutes water safety (classroom)

Participants:  No minimum but maximum of 20 pupils (low water confidence)

Details:  Pupils split into 2 groups for simultaneous sessions (half of group in pool session, whilst other half is in classroom session)

Booking form for free GSSP member session

Important information

I agree to inform the swim instructors of any medical assistance / specific requirements of pupils within the group attending the session which may be relevant to their participation in the session.

Although the session is targeted at pupils with low confidence in the water, I will inform the swimming instructors about the swimming ability of the group attending i.e. pupils whom are:
1. Non-swimmers / unable to swim
2. Able to swim 10m on front and back
3. Able to swim 25m and tread water

Current GSSP members will be able to book 1 free session as part of their annual GSSP membership.

Please note that all bookings (including the 1 free session) carry a £50 cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of the booking.

There is a maximum of one complimentary session per school. If you wish to book additional slots please use our additional swim session booking request below.

If you are booking additional paid slots, please be aware that once you have submitted the additional form our finance department will contact you to finalise your booking.



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