GSSP TOP play workshop feedback

Members of the GSSP recently participated in the Top Play workshop focused on delivery extra-curricular sessions to KS1 students. You can view the feedback for this session below.

GSSP Top Play (KS1 Extra-Curricular) Workshop

Workshop Focus:  'Help deliver outstanding extra-curricular sessions.  The workshop concentrates on the development of locomotion, object control and stability which builds upon the TOP Start programme. It also supports development of their wider skills, values and abilities in the creative, cognitive, social and personal areas.

Workshop is suitable for teachers, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisors and playground leaders who want to develop the physical literacy of their children at lunchtime, before school or after school.'


Overall, how would you rate the workshop?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

How well were the aims of the workshop covered?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

Would you recommend the workshop?

  • 100% - Yes

Future targets to deliver at this workshop:

  • 'Further training for KS2 PE and the development of skills' – GSSP workshop attendee

Overall Comments from GSSP workshop attendees

‘Very motivating and adapting’

‘Great content and resources to use back in school’

‘The staff were welcoming and well organised which meant it was run efficiently.  The extra-curricular information and resources about further courses was valuable and something I would like to look into for the future’

‘A good mix of debate and discussions with lots of practical activities in the second part.  Lots of interesting points to take away’