Gssp basketball workshop feedback

Members of the GSSP recently participated in the Basketball workshop. You can view the feedback for this session below.


Workshop Focus: Skills, drills and small-sided games to enhance the PE curriculum and extra-curricular clubs.


Overall, how would you rate the workshop?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

How well were the aims of the workshop covered?

  • 100% - Excellent / Good

Would you recommend the workshop?

  • 100% - Yes

Future targets to deliver at this workshop:

  • A future modelled lesson to see the techniques in practice - GSSP Workshop attendee
  • Possible video links to support the skills / drills resource
  • Lesson plan and follow up for next lesson

Overall Comments from GSSP workshop attendees

 ‘Being shown the most important skills to pass onto the kids has helped me rethink my basketball sessions’ – GSSP workshop attendee

‘Really enjoyed this engaging course and enjoyed the practical element.  I have a clearer idea of how I will teach basketball much more effectively in the future - Thank you'  - GSSP Workshop attendee