Year 4 tug-of-war competition

On Friday 8th February 2019, a number of Greenwich primary schools participated in a tug-of-war competition at Plumstead Manor Secondary School.

The competition was planned by student sports leaders and PE staff from the school, with a special thanks to Rosemary for organising and hosting the event!


What the participants had to say...

“So well organised and such good fun…. When is the staff competition?!”
Teaching Assistant

“This morning has been the best! I am so happy that we got to come!”
Year 4 Pupil

“Our children have had a lovely time and will be talking about this for weeks to come”
PE Lead


This particular competition focused on the school games value of Determination, with each game also recognising respect through a Respect the Games award.


School value winners for Determination - Discovery Primary School



School value winners for Respect - Foxfield Primary School