On Tuesday 30th January 2024, Greenwich Primary schools participated in a sitting volleyball competition at Shooters Hill College.

The competition was planned by SGOs / student sports leaders and PE staff, with a special thanks to Aidan Botten for helping support this event!


What those in attendance had to say….

“For lots of our children this is the first time they have had the chance to be playing sport outside of our school”
-Teaching Assistant

“When can we do it again!"
-Year 6 Pupil

 “One of our girls has really developed her confidence today, its been great, thank you!”
-PE Lead

Each competition recognises achievement at events through a SCHOOL GAMES VALUE AWARD.  This was shown in abundance by all schools at the event!

This particular competition focused on school games value of SELF BELIEF.

  School Games Award winners: WYBORNE

thank YOU....

To PE Leads / supervising staff and all children for their enthusiasm and a huge thank you to the sports leaders for officiating the activities.

We look forward to seeing everyone at future events!