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We believe young people in Greenwich deserve the best access to sports activities and enrichments possible. Using our experience and your help, we hope to deliver the best service possible to improve the health & wellbeing of our children.

All competitions are part of the 'School Games', and are free for Greenwich schools; they can be viewed in the Competitions and Events tab.

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    Stay Healthy at Home

    Stay healthy at home is a webpage where you can find resources and materials to help you and your children stay fit and healthy at home. Here you will also find the different areas outlined below. Visit our 'Stay Healthy at Home' page using the Read More button below.

    Recommended Activity Websites
    Featured links to websites that children and schools can access to keep active

    GSSP Weekly Challenges 

    Daily challenges throughout the week.  We encourage children, parents and teachers to complete these, email their scores and complete the anonymous participation survey.

    Eat Fit
    Dietary advice / home cooking tips aimed at parents and children

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    As Black History Month starts across the world, national children’s charity Chance to Shine is providing schools with the tools they need to celebrate Black British cricketers. 

    The new resources for Primary and Secondary Schools focus on highlighting the importance and the success of the Black players who have represented England since Roland Butcher made his debut in 1980. As well as encouraging pupils to learn about some of the Black stars of the game, the charity has also prepared practical, physical education sessions that reinforce the learning through fun, cricket skills-based activities that discuss the importance of inclusion and diversity in sport.

    Classroom 'Learn' Lessons

    A series of fun lessons that aim to support young people to increase their understanding of the contributions of Black players to English cricket, supporting learning in a range of areas including Literacy, PSHE and drama.

    Please visit the 'Sporting Opportunities' area under the news area.

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    Updated FAQs Document: COVID-19 and PESSPA in a School Setting


    To help support the teaching workforce, afPE has collated some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and our Health & Safety Team has provided answers to these.

    Topics covered include:

    • Swimming
    • Indoor PE Lessons
    • Changing for Swimming Lessons
    • Changing for Physical Education
    • Fixtures
    • Contact within Lessons

    Click HERE to download the COVID-19 and PESSPA in a School Setting FAQs document.

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Competitions & Events

    Virtual EYFS / KS1 Tennis Ball Shuttle Run

    23 Oct 2020 | Deadline to complete entry survey - Friday 23rd Oct 2020
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    Virtual Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics

    11 Dec 2020 | Deadline to complete entry survey - Friday 11th December
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    Virtual Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics

    11 Dec 2020 | Deadline to complete entry survey - Friday 11th December
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What you Said

  • “Very enjoyable and lots to take back to school”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback
  • “I’m so happy because I finished the run ahead of lots of other people! I started the race slowly and tried to pace myself so I could run faster at the end. I am glad I got chosen to run and I think I could go even faster if I had another chance! Thank you to everyone that helped at the competition ”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Really clear and well structured training.”

    PE Lead - Charlton Manor Primary School
  • “I really enjoyed the competition and I think doing the daily mile at our school helped me”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Great to have a deeper understanding and ideas of how to develop KS1 sport”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback

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