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We believe young people in Greenwich deserve the best access to sports activities and enrichments possible. Using our experience and your help, we hope to deliver the best service possible to improve the health & wellbeing of our children.

All competitions are part of the 'School Games', and are free for Greenwich schools; they can be viewed in the Competitions and Events tab.

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    Case Study: James Smith

    Gaining hands on experience in a school setting has been amazing; helping the children get healthy is very rewarding. I even bring some of what I learn at home and help motivate my little brother and sister! - James SHC Apprentice

    James is an apprentice working at a local Primary School; he assists the staff with all sports elated activities. He started in October and sine then he has been an invaluable part of the sports provision.

    James is one of the many apprentices located in various schools around Greenwich. They bring a fresh new perspective and level of energy which is currently in high demand in PE departments around the country.

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    Latest Competition Results

    Winners: Alex McLeod Primary School
    Runners-Up: Discovery Primary School
    LYG Finalist for Greenwich: Alex McLeod Primary School

    Tag Rugby
    Winners: Invicta Primary School
    Runners-Up: Discovery Primary School
    LYG Finalist for Greenwich: Invicta Primary School

    Sportshall Athletics
    Winners: St Mary's Primary School
    Runners-Up: St Thomas a Becket Primary School
    LYG Finalist for Greenwich: St Mary's Primary School

    Cross Country
    Winners: De Lucy Primary School (Boys)
                   Christ Church Primary School (Girls)

    Winners: Timbercroft Primary School
    Runners-Up: St Olaves Prep Primary School

    Sitting Volleyball
    Winners: Timbercroft Primary School
    Runners-Up: De Lucy Prep Primary School
    LYG Finalist for Greenwich: Timbercroft Primary School

    Winners: Alex McLeod Primary School
    Runners-Up: Plumcroft Primary School

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Competitions & Events

    Year 5/6 Bench Ball AM Session

    26 Feb 2019 | 10:00am - 11:30am
    This competition is now full.
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    Year 5/6 Bench Ball PM Session

    26 Feb 2019 | 12.30pm – 2pm
    This competition is now full.
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    Year 3/4 Specific Inclusive Tennis

    7 Mar 2019 | 11am - 2pm
    Maximum of 8 schools. The first 8 schools to apply will be entered.
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What you Said

  • “Very enjoyable and lots to take back to school”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback
  • “I’m so happy because I finished the run ahead of lots of other people! I started the race slowly and tried to pace myself so I could run faster at the end. I am glad I got chosen to run and I think I could go even faster if I had another chance! Thank you to everyone that helped at the competition ”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Really clear and well structured training.”

    PE Lead - Charlton Manor Primary School
  • “I really enjoyed the competition and I think doing the daily mile at our school helped me”

    - Year 6 Primary Pupil
  • “Great to have a deeper understanding and ideas of how to develop KS1 sport”

    GSSP Member Workshop Feedback

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